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Feedback activity management (FAM)

Success and failure are very much determined by the valuable, not received or meaningless feedback during the execution of the job. FAM is a dynamic tool that provides features that no other time management method or “to do list” do. FAM considers both, effort vs. results, presenting them in a way that the user can correlate, and see the effects that one had over the other in the achievement of goals/objectives.

FAM makes users aware of how the core management categories like planning, communicating, controlling etc. influenced in the success or failure for achieving their goals. With this information, one can replicate behaviors and avoid wrong paths during the execution of the tasks at hand.

While working on activities, all kind of emotions is experienced. These emotions or sentiments tell a lot about our tendencies to enjoy doing some things instead of others, people try to feel comfortable and safe when they have to perform. With FAM, the user will be able to identify in which core areas, mentioned before, he or she has felt good or bad emotions, very important for the auto-consciousness, the development of the emotional intelligence and focusing on strengths.